WElcome to The skaneateles ski club


New Reduced Rates for the 2016-2017 Ski Season! 

Families ski the entire season for $475! Join Now and save $25! 

*excludes Social and Secondary Memberships




Many thanks to the recipients of this year's Bunt Osborne Award, Matt Darin and Jack McNeil and President's Award, Allan Abbott!


We're so grateful for the contributions of the Board members and Officers who have completed their terms this year: Michelle Mashia, President, Kim McAulliff, Treasurer, Kelly Orr, Secretary, Tom West, Chase Taggart, Rick Weber!

We’re also happy to welcome several new Board Members and announce the new Board of Officers for the 2016-2017 Ski Season!


President: Heather Niland
Vice President: Garrison Gomez
Treasurer: Kevin Quick
Interim Secretary: Heather Niland


Jonny Sinclair                  Matt Darin
Michelle Mashia            Brad Wirth
Scott Darminio               Lindsay Pittard
Laura Alexander

2015-2016 SKI SEASON


Private Lessons Available!


Kandahar 2016



Family $475

Two Person $350

Individual $175

Social $50

Family Membership Includes Up to 2 adults

Requires at least one adult over the age of 18

No limit on number of children under the age of 18

Includes 1 transferable family day pass for use when Member is present 

Note: Children 3 and under ski free

Join before Fall Fest for $450!

Two Person Membership Includes 2 people

Requires at least one adult over the ages of 18

Adult member is required to remain at hill while ages 4-17 are skiing

Join before Fall Fest for $325!

Individual Membership Includes 1 person

Ages 18+ may join as individuals

Ages 4-17 may join as individuals but require additional adult membership (Skiing or Sociall)

Adult member is required to remain at hill while ages 4-17 are skiing

Join before Fall Fest for $150!

Social Membership Includes 1 adult

Social Events, Snow Shoeing, Hiking

Discounted Event Prices for all Ski Club events 

Includes 1 Skiing Guest Day Pass for personal or guest use when Member is present 

Secondary $275

Life Time $5000

Family members with a membership at another hill are eligible
In person proof of primary membership required 

Lifetime skiing for all family members at the time of purchase 


Ski Patrol


Meet the new Ski Patrol!

Check out their tips for a super fun and safe ski season!


Regular Season Hours: Thursday 6pm-8pm  Friday 6pm-8pm  Saturday 9am-5pm  Sunday 12pm-5pm


Can't find what you are looking for?  Shoot us an email at SkaneatelesSkiHill@gmail.com 

Or reach out:

presidentskiskan@gmail.com  -  Any topics related to the Club itself, events, donations, activities
secretaryskiskan@gmail.com  -  Club e-mails, volunteer time/tracking, social events, general info
membershipskiskan@gmail.com  -  All questions about membership - new, renewals, payments, etc.
racingskiskan@gmail.com -  Race Team signup, times, dates, events, staff, equipment, etc.
lessonsskiskan@gmail.com -  Lessons signup, times, dates, events, staff, facilities, equipment, etc.

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